Married with Children Banned Episode

Season 3 Episode 8 of Married with Children was titled “I’ll See You in Court”. It was originally set to air in the United States on February 19, 1989. Due to the controversial subject matter of the episode, the episode didn’t end up airing during the original run of the series.

“I’ll See You in Court” follows Al and Peg Bundy’s attempts to improve their love life by having sex in a new setting, namely a motel suggested to Peg by their neighbor Marcy. While staying at the Hop-On-Inn, the Bundys discover a video tape of Marcy and her husband, Steve, having sex. Despite finding this tape and Al’s disgust, the Bundys have sex in the motel and their tryst is recorded. Upon returning home from the motel, the Bundys show the Rhoades the tape. The Rhoades are initially furious, but eventually agree with the Bundys to sue the motel for violation of privacy with Steve acting as their lawyer. The Rhoades end up winning their half of the case and $10,000 and the Bundy’s end up losing.

“I’ll See You in Court” was not aired in the United States because the censors at the Fox Broadcasting Company objected to many of the lines in the show. The censors would only allow the show to air if a large number of lines were cut, and the producers and writers wouldn’t make these cuts as they felt it would ruin the episode. The show did air, in its entirety, in other parts of the world in 1990 though. FX finally aired the episode on June 18, 2002, but four lines were cut out of the script and the whole episode has never been broadcast in the United States.

Married with children lost episode was packaged eventually with the rest of the third season release (and also in the first volume of the Married…with Children Most Outrageous Episodes DVD set) including the parts cut from syndication restored. You can get the entire third season via the link below;

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