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Peggy Bundy Fashion Style and OutfitsSome consider her cheap and tacky, but her fans know that she is truly unique and highly entertaining. Peggy Bundy is known for her skin-tight outfits, big hair, and has become a fashion icon of the ‘80s. Her signature leggings, leopard print, big earrings, and plastic jewelry have become staples of many modern day women that imitate her even today. The “Married with Children” star has own style, shamelessly wearing what best suited her personality. With teased hair, super-tall heels, and over-accessorized neck, wrists, and ears, Peggy Bendy is one of the most stylish television sitcom moms of all time.

Peggy Bundy was the queen of flamboyant 1980’s ensembles. Low-cup tops, tight animal-print leggings and a pair of high-heeled pumps make up an everyday outfit for her on the show. She wasn’t afraid to wear vibrant colors or show off her hourglass figure – nor her sexuality which is one of the most important aspects of real beauty.

She is well-recognized for her extensive use of jewelry to liven up her already extravagant outfits. Peggy Bundy is seen in nearly every episode was large, over-the-top earrings – the bigger and brighter, the better. She also sported many plastic and beaded necklaces and bangle bracelets.

Peggy Bundy wasn’t afraid to pretty herself up. Her makeup was colorful and bold and paired well with her unique wardrobe. She is often seen wearing a bright blush to accent her cheeks, blue shades of eyeshadow, and lots of red lipstick. She coated black mascara on her lashes to make her eyes appear wider and defined.

Well-known for her high, teased red hair, Peggy Bundy’s hairstyle stayed relatively consistent throughout the series. This was her signature feature. Her hair was typically pulled back to create a “bump” on top, surrounded by large, puffy curls. She wore thick blunt-style bangs that were blow-dried to form a curve.

Peggy Bundy - Always with teased hair, leopard prints and tight outfitsMarried with Children’s Peggy Bendy was recognized on the show for her raw sexuality and crass humor. One of her best accessories that are big today is her use of belts. To get that super-small waist, Peggy would accent it using a wide array of belts. Even for women who have a rectangular-shaped body, belts placed firmly around the waist can give the illusion of an hourglass shape – Peggy knew this fashion trick in the ‘80s.

Peggy Bundy remains a fashion icon in the eyes of those who loved her and loved to watch her. Her style transitions into modern day fashion, from her skin-tight leggings to her use of vibrant animal-print. While she may not have been the ideal sitcom mom, she did provide plenty of entertainment with her wacky personality and risky style choices.

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