Yep, life is weird. One day you are eagerly waiting for your favorite “Married with Children” show, laughing at about every Al Bundy jokes thrown at you, and the next thing you know, you are collecting MWC action figures of the cast that became a part of your life at one point in time.

Truly it was a wonderful experience back then, and seeing these action figures now surely brings back good old memories. The thought of having these action figures just doesn’t make you reminisce the shows’ remarkable success, but also how you lived your life back then. By having these likeable action figures around, you can have a chance to scroll down memory lane and remember what life was back then.

Buying the casts’ action figures will definitely evoke happy remembrances of the rib-tickling moments in the Bundy household! Created by Classic TV Toys, it is a must-buy for ”Married with Children” fans!

The main action figure is of course Al Bundy-with his trademark scowl facial expression and dressed in his customary printed shirt with a beige-colored jacket and plain brown trousers. The action figure bears a striking resemblance to the character played by Ed O’Neill and its arms can be moved forward and backward and the legs can also be moved the same way. The wrists are easily manipulated by turning and the waist can be twisted to either direction. The head of the Al Bundy figure can be turned from left to right and the other way too

Other action figures from the Married with Children series include those of Peggy Bundy. With her usual pouty, tartish expression and animal printed top paired with tight leggings with oversized dangling earrings –she is a sight to behold! The Kelly action figure is a perfect embodiment of the dim-witted but strikingly pretty daughter of the Bundy household! Garbed in a sexy black top over a tight-fitted skirt, any fan of the series would surely love to have this action figure for themselves. The kiddie sized figure of Bud is dressed in green-colored hooded sweater and it will be such a joyful delight to have it! Also available are the action figures of the equally funny neighbors of the Bundys-Jefferson and Marcy D’Arcy .They are charming in their matching green outfits.

For Married with Children enthusiasts, waste no time and buy each and every action figure available so everyday will just be like an ordinary day at the Bundy household-irreverently humorous, hilariously derisive and just FUN!!!

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