EPISODE1 – TWISTED: To get Ariel’s attention, Bud comes up with an idea of staging a fake tornado, not knowing that a real one is coming their way. Al and Jefferson on the other hand, are stuck with their wives at the basement and use Al’s secret exit to make a run to the nudie bar.

EPISODE 2 – CHILDREN OF THE CORNS: Al and Griff compete to get a raise for Gary as the best shoes sales men but then Al finds out the shoes he sells are made by children. He tries to use this piece of information to blackmail his boss in order to get a raise.

EPISODE 3 – KELLY’S GOTTA HABIT: Kelly gets chosen to play a nun in a commercial while Al is chosen by Officer Dan to appear with him on COPS TV show.

EPISODE 4 – REQUIEM FOR A CHEVYWEIGHT (Part 1): Al’s car, the Dodge, is breaking down and he is advised by a car specialist to have its spare parts sold instead.  Al refuses to take what was advised to him but Peg, Kelly and Bud try to sell the car’s parts behind his back.

EPISODE 5 – REQUIEM FOR A CHEVYWEIGHT (Part 2): Al, having no choice, buries the Dodge at his backyard, while Peg still tries to sell its parts to collectors to get money. Al, wanting to prove that he is not completely broke, goes to a car dealer and gets himself the Testica 2000.

EPISODE 6 – A BUNDY THANKSGIVING: On thanksgiving, Al and Griff go to get Aunt Maddie’s potato pie only to find out that she had died. One pie is left and with the use of his old football tactics, Al is going to get it.

EPISODE 7 – THE JUGGS HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING: Peg takes the family to a holiday trip to Missouri. Together with Kelly, she grabs the chance of winning 500$ by joining a local talent contest.

EPISODE 8 – GOD HELP YE MERRY BUNDYMEN: Gary hires Hal and Biff to help Al and Griff in selling shoes. Soon after, she decided to fire Al and Griff. On the other hand, Bud and Kelly steal Marcy and Jefferson’s statues, used in a nativity scene, which Marcy intends to use for decorating competition.

EPISODE 9 – CRIMES AGAINST OBESITY: An obese woman sues Al for insulting her. Now Al needs to figure out how get his out of this trouble.

EPISODE 10 – THE STEPHORD PEG: Peg gets an amnesia following an accident. Al, Bud and Kelly use this situation to take advantage of Peg in doing household chores.

EPISODE 11 – BUD ON THE SIDE: Bud starts dating Gary after taking Al’s advice about dating women.

EPISODE 12 – GRIME AND PUNISHMENT: Al wants Bud to pay for his rent which Bud agrees, but on a condition that he will have the basement fixed. Al refuses at first but left with no choice after a health inspector gives him a month to have it repaired.

EPISODE 13 – T*R*A*S*H: Al and Griff feel an urge of joining the National Guard after Jefferson tells them of the benefits of serving their country.

EPISODE 14 – BREAKING UP IS EASY TO DO (Part 1): Al and Peg, after playing a game of how well they know each other, go to a therapist to save their relationship but end breaking up. Meanwhile, Kelly and Heather (Lisa Robin Kelly in a second guest appearance) set a boxing match, winner gets a role in a commercial.

EPISODE 15 – BREAKING UP IS EASY TO DO (Part 2): Al moves out of the house leaving the kids with Peg. He changes his looks, while Peg gets a new boyfriend. Both of them go on with their separate ways and Peg dates a new guy which Bud and Kelly like.

EPISODE 16 – BREAKING UP IS EASY TO DO (Part 3): While Peg got herself a new boyfriend, Al on the other hand is still adjusting to his new life being single.  Bud and Kelly aren’t too fond with the fact that Peg’s new date wants them to go out and work.

EPISODE 17 – LIVE NUDE PEG: Peggy envies that Al is enjoying his time at the nudie bar, and decides to join an amateur’s competition where Al will be one of the judges. Changing her name to Jasmine and using a veil to cover her face, Peg is successful in getting Al’s attention and they’re having their most passionate night.

EPISODE 18 – A BABE IN TOYLAND: Kelly gets a job on a kid’s show. Her attitude changes and Bud decides to teach her a lesson. Al on the other hand, still trying to avoid having sex with Peg, splits their bed into two.

EPISODE 19 – BIRTHDAY BOY TOY: While Al is still trying to prevent Peg from being a shopaholic, Bud gets hired by Gary to shoot a commercial for their products and Marcy on the other hand successfully convinces Jefferson to get the job as the new aerobics instructor.

EPISODE 20 – DAMN BUNDYS: Al wants to play for football for the Chicago Bears and he sells his soul to the devil (Robert Englund guest appearance). The devil sends him to hell once he gets to the Super Bowl.

EPISODE 21 – LEZ BE FRIENDS: Marcy’s lesbian cousin Mandy is coming for a visit. Everything goes well except that Peg and Marcy find their selves getting jealous of Mandy who is hanging out with Jefferson and Al.

EPISODE 22 – THE DESPERATE HALF–HOUR: Starla, Bud’s pen pal from prison comes for a visit but decides to rob the Bundy’s instead. Turns out that she escaped and even tagged her boyfriend along to help her with the plan Tricia Cast and Chip Esten guest appearance).

EPISODE 23 – HOW TO MARRY A MORON: Kelly attracted to Lonnie and Lonnie feeling the same, asks Al for a permission to marry Kelly. The Bundy’s start liking Lonnie soon after finding out that he is one of the owners of Tot Industries.

EPISODE 24 – CHICAGO SHOE EXCHANGE: Gary is donating all the old shoes to the orphans, while Al and Griff find that it has trading value using the shoes to pay for their lunch. Meanwhile, Kelly accidentally cripples Bud when she tried her skills on him after getting her masseuse license.

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