Al Bundy fat women jokes


From the early days of the show Al Bundy has shown that he cannot tolerate the fat women coming to his shoe store.

These women are apparently just fine with their looks and don’t think there is anything wrong about their weight. Moreover, they’re pretty sure they have small feet. And then they meet Al.

Al’s job could be described as squeezing giant feet into small shoes. Naturally he loses his ability to remain calm and he couldn’t care less about being polite, so he insults them with everything he’s got.
In the early days of the show he was pretty subtle, but as the show went on Al got worse (or better).

At times he offends the customers before they even get a chance to ask anything;

Fat woman: “Aren’t you open”?
Al Bundy: “Sorry ma’am, but unlike your mouth we occasionally close.”

In other cases he insults them when they fail to accept their actual feet size;

Fat woman: “I don’t understand it. I was a size 6 before aerobics class. All of that jumping must’ve expanded my foot.
Al Bundy: “Then I see you must’ve fallen on your but a time or two.”

And what happens when a customer is complaining to Al about the quality of just purchased pair of shoes?;

Fat woman: “I want my money back. These shoes you sold me are as useless to me as a comb is to you. I’ve I only wore them once and they split at the sides.”
Al Bundy: “Well, let me explain. See, it’s just like an elevator, there’s a two ton weight limit on these shoes. What’s say I nail the soles directly to your feet? It’d give you more traction when you’re pulling the ice wagon.”

Luckily for Al, he has his family’s support when insulting fat customers. Peg is also intolerant towards obesity, and has shown her skills insulting these women;

Fat women: “So, you must be the wife.”
Peg Bundy: “And you must be why they’re starving in China.”

And though Al is repeatedly getting in trouble because of these insults, he cannot stop. He’s enjoying it too much, and so do we, fans.